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Because it was there

FFXII pairings, and why I do or do not love themCollapse )

...I now have the urge to write something really off the wall. Except I really should be trying to write Balthier/Fran for threewalls. Gah, why does my brain not want to cooperate?

I also have this little Dr. Cid voice nagging at the back of my head that wants to get out, but does not yet have a forum. *sigh*

And while we're doing memes...Collapse )

Lastly, Half Past Midnight rocks my socks and if you roleplay you should go check it out.


China apparently doesn't like Livejournal

Message posted c/o Chrissy's mom:

Chrissy says:

Hello all. I know I've dropped off the face of the livejournal planet-- first I was busy and then I was in China, where livejournal is securely placed behind the Great Firewall (meaning blocked to all Chinese internet access), hence why this message is being posted by my mom. China's been fun. I'll probably put up more description/pictures when I get back and have more time and access.

SHANNON: Sorry for not contacting you. I couldn't figure out how. What's your current email? Email works fine, so if you tell me that, I should be able to communicate without any problems. We still want to hang out next weekend when we're in Kyoto. Most likely we won't be doing anything too involved since we're kind of exhausted, but wandering around Kyoto with you seems nice. If there's anything specific you want to do, please let me know. The most important question is how should we meet you? I assume you'd be coming in from Kobe by train, so should we meet you at the train station? If so, what time? Send me an email at jiang1ling2@gmail.com and let me know what you're thinking. Thanks!

In a Sea of Grey

Will be displayed in the lobby of the school theater to go along with a play they are doing in May. I didn't think I'd finish this quite so quickly...

It's been forever since I've worked with markers, and I was relived to find out that my prismacolors still work. I wasn't able to get the detail I originally intended, but I sort of like the blocky, abstracted feel it ended up with.

Feel free to analyze meanings and such. I feel like I put a lot in this subconsciously that I didn't quite intend, so I'd like to see what you come up with.


Request for a friend

My friend jamuko is trying to raise money to get to Anime Expo this summer and meet up with some old friends, so as a fundraiser, she is offering to do art commissions.

Information is here!

Here is an example of her recent work:

If you like utterly adorable arts, jamuko is your girl! You can contact her via her LJ or deviantart page (info link above), or email her at jamuko@gmail.com. She doesn't have set prices, so it's basically whatever you and she can agree is reasonable. She doesn't tend to insist on high prices, though.

So if you like super-cute art and have a few dollars to spare, think about it, k?

[P.S. As long as I'm pimping art, I also am willing to do comissions if you are looking for non-chibi things. But get something from her first, alright?]

Whoever wrote this is brilliant

user.scream("OH, FUCK YOU");}

...I know it sounds silly, but read that out loud.


So last night was filled with a couple of poignant and highly depressing dreams, which I remember considerably better than usual.

The firstCollapse )

Then I had another dreamCollapse )

God, I woke up like "no, no, no, no, NO, dammit" and was really depressed. I guess the one with the yak worked out okay, but man. I have no idea where these came from, aside from maybe the stay thought I had sometime yesterday that I get along really well with animals because I'm really empathic. But it's not like it was something I thought about a lot.

Anybody out there and expert in interpreting dreams? I feel like these ones deserve an explanation.

[edit]Yep, definitely Tibet and a yak.

This is a Tibetan yak, and almost exactly what he looked like. He was a bit lighter color, though.

I've decided the first one (the one that was blocking my path) was a water buffalo. It just took me a while to actually place the mental image with a name.
So, first in what will probably become a line of fics exploring assorted lesbian relationships in FF12, because they are not often written and I wanted to see if I could make it work. This one only sort of gets there in the making it work category, since it’s all sort of just tumbling around in Ashe’s head, but I like how it turned out. Oddly, I feel more comfortable with this than any other pairing I’ve ever tried to write Ashe in. I have yet to wrap my mind around what Penelo’s take on this would be, though.

Hooray for writing fics in a little notebook while eating lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with mom and grandma. I kid you not. It hasn’t been edited much from that, either.

I’m not sure why headcanon = Ashe never sleeps.

Special thanks to ellnyx for planting this idea in my head. It never would have occured to me otherwise.

Title: The Sleep of the Innocent
Characters/Pairings: Ashe/Penelo, sort of
Rating: PG, I think?
Summary: Penelo sleeps; Ashe ponders.

”ReadCollapse )

[edit]So I just skimmed back through the game script and discovered that I was not misremembering that Fran and Ashe basically never interact with each other with the exception of jointly providing occasional exposition. I guess I have my work cut out for me as a fanfic writer, huh? I'm not sure what to make of that pairing. All thoughts on it thus far have turned Fran kind of scary. We shall see.

In other news, Fran/Penelo is obvious when you're looking for it! I was surprised how much there actually would be to work with there. Somehow it's simultaneously too obvious and too far-fetched to be especially interesting, though.

FFXII Prompt fest

So there really isn't any way to live up to wet!naked!Basch. But I miss the constant flow of mostly hilarious little stories, so here we go with some vague attempt at round two! I couldn't decide on a topic that felt like a solid winner to me, so here are a random few that came to mind (I swear they get weirder as the list goes on...)

Direct rip-off:

Inside joke #1:

Inside joke #2:
-vacationing!girl-crazy!Dr. Cid

Or, you know, just for the hell of it:
-wet!naked!Dr. Cid

And thanks to my dear friend jamuko:
-any character in a jester suit
(Don't ask me, I don't know)

[edit]One more inside joke to add:

The way this works:

1. Pick one of the above.
2. Pick a prompt.
3. Write! 100 words minimum, approximately comment length (4300 characters) maximum, but you can go over if necessary.
4. Post up more prompts so other people can share the joy madness.

Anyone can write! Friends, friends of friends, random passers-by, the more the merrier! And now I sit back and hope that this becomes at least somewhat popular.

Rating can go up to M. If you are reading, please be aware of that fact. You have been warned.

Starter ideas are up in each category. Have fun!
Galway: I guess I'll try the Apple-Raspberry kind even though this type of gum sort of scares me.
Me: I will warn you, the Apple-Rasperry flavor is somewhat odd. I mean, try it, but I didn't like it.

-a moment passes, Galway begins making strange faces-

Me: I see you're having about the same reaction that I did.
Galway: Oh my god, the monkey that crawled into my mouth to die had a strudel in his pocket!